She is amazing when she talks about?

It is flattering when someone says “you are amazing” isn’t. I was once mesmerized when someone told me that I was amazing during a meeting. What is really meant by “you are amazing”; the way we talk, the way we smile, the way we look, the way we communicate, we are funny, smart and so on… I’ve asked my friends to share their thoughts and here are what they said:
I always wonder the way she sees things cool and takes herself ahead Sandhya
When she has a high emotional IQ and she says right things at a right time, rather than creating unnecessary drama. She’s amazing! Larry
It’s very interesting when a woman talks about matters of psychology…….and even about world affairs. Most women don’t talk about these things but men do, so when she talks the guy can spend hours and hours with her without realizing it.Aftab
Even when a woman has an interest in sports, it’s a great turn on for most guys.Aftab
Sandhya, approaching things in a cool manner is really amazing and preemptive, it will definitely take a person ahead with this type of behavior.
Larry, I can say this time and first time after decades of our friendship that “you are amazing” I can’t believe you have said this or I can say based on experienced? lol. I am with you on this, Emotional Intelligence is being neglected at a young age. We or our parents are focusing on academic and career stability and forgotten about how to prepare us to be emotionally strong to face the reality of life. Emotional Intelligence can only be learned through experience and if you are lucky yes from our parents, older friends, and relatives. Learning how to correctly manage our emotions is a skill that we must learn simultaneously with our education. This will help us how to balance our life, how to manage stress at work, how to handle our personal relationship. I believe a combination of good Intellectual and Emotional Intelligence is one of the keys to a happy and successful life.
Timing, very much agree on this. As I am always saying while taking a deep breath when I am in an unwanted situation is “control is power” if you know how to control your emotions, definitely you know how to wait for the right timing on when to speak. In a relationship this is one of the best weapons to carry with you to avoid arguments and unnecessary fights; it needs a lot of practice and patience to have this skill.
Aftab, this means all Psychologist is Amazing! It’s good that it is my major hahaha. Yeah, the majority of women are not very much into world affairs or current events but believe me if they are dating they are trying to be updated lol. Yes, I agree sports is a plus.
Whew! This makes sense. While elaborating your thoughts I realized the importance of emotional intelligence in our lives and we should start teaching our kids on how to be emotionally prepared.
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Sandhya Vincent Larry De Jesus Aftab Khan Yusufzai

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