Am I with the right person?

Most of the time when we entered into a relationship especially during the initial stage, we asked ourselves “Am I with the right person? Is it worth to continue? The new or old relationship, it’s a usual question.
The question raises in our mind, not because of doubt or insecurity. It can be normal just to try to know as early as you can if the relationship is worth or will last. It probably depends on the person’s experiences and wanted to know the answer before getting it deeper.
Sometimes we encountered rough patches in our relationship, it is normal and expected. However, this can also be the greater challenge on how to sort the issues together and raise the question whether you are truly the right one for one another.
So how do we know that we are with the right person, I have gathered some signs that will help us answer this question.
1. Both are very much satisfied – relationships that last is that both partners are in high satisfaction. That they are sharing experiences in a high level of satisfaction. We feel that person is right for us if we feel the support when needed and that person added a value to our everyday living.
2. Problems and conflicts solve in a similar way – I think we are in the right relationship if both partners handle the situation in a similar or complimentary approach. I am not saying that it should always be exactly the same page, but you have to discuss, agree and respect each other’s decision and argument style. It’s not about thinking the same way but being able to do it together. We can have different choices in life but be willing to share and try it.
3. You can easily express who you are and what you want out of life – I can notice that people who are satisfied and happy in their relationship are those who are confident in expressing their selves and what they really want. If you truly know yourself and what you really like, most likely you will know what kind of partner you would like the most.
4. There is no abuse – a healthy and normal relationship is given and take not a one-sided type of set up. Abuse and manipulation never occur in any kind. Sometimes there are warnings from the beginning that this person has the possibility of abusing or manipulating us but we are trying to ignore it and hoping that you can change this person. We cannot change others that is the fact – thy need to change and work on that subsequently.
5. You are in the right relationship if you and your partner are able to let the past anger go, and forgive each other with an open heart.
6. The feeling of attraction both physically and mentally is always present. Working out all the possible ways to feel better towards each other.
7. Mutual respect – as we all know relationship requires a lot of investments – money, time, emotion, patience etc all of these are not easy to manage and provide. However, if there is respect, things will be a lot easier. Without respect love eventually, die.
8. Utmost importance – cloud 9 isn’t, whenever we notice that our partner sacrifice something for the sake of our relationship or happiness. Willingness to sacrifice is a very positive sign that your partner is truly in love with you.
9. Sexual chemistry – let’s admit the fact that sex is one of the most important keys to having a happy and long-lasting relationship. If both partners are not satisfied in bed chances is high either the relationship has to end, or the understandings within the relationship have to change to allow the frustrated partner to seek sexual fulfillment elsewhere. Want to know more about sexual chemistry please read my note about “keys to intense sexual chemistry”.
Enjoy reading and keep well…

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