He will do only when he really loves U

Love is a demonstration of an action that you are doing in the relationship. Love is also a decision to act in that relationship even if you don’t feel like doing it. Your preference matters, he negotiates and he gives. However, it is not about always giving out, it is given and take; striking that balance in a relationship is a good sign of healthy loving relationship.
He wants you to feel good, he will go get what you want even if it is not convenient, even it is not comfortable he will do it for you so you will feel better. It is an active sign of love, prioritize time for you, he is gonna be there beside you on your important moment, he makes a plan to spend quality time together. He is showing love when you need it.
He respects your boundaries…
He loves you for you..
He finds you beautiful for being you…
He loves you on your own worst day…
He cherishes the early morning of you…
He watches the movie that you like to watch…
.”I can be a Driver for you”
“I can be a Psychologist for you”
“I can be a Beautician for you”
“I can be a Dancer for you”
He can be whatever because he really loves you

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