My CVs are online why haven’t get any call?
Have you experienced uploading your profile to multiple job portals online and still not getting any calls?
I would like to share what I have noticed when searching for CVs online. I have been wanting to share this long time and I hope this information could be of assistance.
When uploading your profile on any of the recruitment portals like, monstergulf etc. make sure you have completed all the details required online; do not assume that it is enough that you have attached your CV. For your profile to be easily seen or search by recruiters you need to complete all the necessary information on their online application. It is more important than just attaching your CV.
Recruiter like me is using “key words” to find a candidate.
Example Key words such as:
Technical skills: procurement, logistics, administration, CAD, splicing, secretarial…..
Personal status: notice period, current location, age, nationality, visa status, target salary, education, marital status, language….
And of course, upload a proper photograph – imagine that you are the recruiter and you need to review hundreds of CVs for just one position that you need to close off. When scrolling all the profiles would you be interested to open a profile without a photo or unacceptable photo? I don’t think so! I most of the time skipped them! Unless I can see some interesting skills showing in the summary of your profile – this is how important that you have completed all the details online. You need to be searched and visible to researcher to get the chance of viewing your profile.
When it comes to your CV, simple and precise is pleasant to the eyes of the recruiters. Avoid unwanted information and big fonts. I can say 1 to 3 pages CV is ideal.
Good luck!