Keep the Love Alive

I have been seeing this post on facebook comparing love to coffee.
“Ang pagmamahal parang kape lumalamig” = “Love is like a coffee it gets cold”
For me, it goes like this…
“Ang pagmamahal huwag itulad sa kape lumalamig” = “Do not compare love to coffee it gets cold”
In fact and in reality the first quote is most likely experienced by all of us. I agree that love starts hot and eventually get cold and sometimes ended. There are so many aspects around that affects love and change the condition of it. This goes with the saying “walang forever” = “there is no forever”.
However, there are some ways to keep the love alive, as I’ve said from my previous note that love is a demonstration of an action and it is really are. Emotions grow through what we see and what we feel.
Definitely, if we are in love we are trying all our best to keep that love alive and happy. My quote will dive in here “Ang pagmamahal huwag itulad sa kape lumalamig” = “Do not compare love to coffee it gets cold”
It is a matter of choice and situation…
So it is up to you then…
I would like to share some of my thoughts on how we can keep the love alive.
· Set aside time to listen to your partner. Sit in a quiet place and talk, or make a date or drink together and listen to each other’s thoughts.
· Express thanks whenever needed. Develop that habit of gratitude attitude, try to ignore irritating moments rather find some good qualities about your partner.
· Kiss your partner always.
· Leave a love note or personal message that will make your partner smile or feel special on that day.
· Serve breakfast in bed 🙂
· Learn what your partner wants, ask!
· Have fun in making love with your partner. Try to read something naughty together and try them out.
· For no reason, buy a gift.
These are just some of my tips for making your love alive, of course, you know it better than me when it comes to your relationship. Whatever you think is a good idea to spark your day with your partner. Do it! The goal is to keep in love and enjoy the benefits of being in love.
Enjoy reading and keep well

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