Let Him Crave….

Let Him Crave….
Dial up that desire…..
CHALLENGE – a better version of himself will reveal when you challenge him, and men like to feel good when you are around.
RESPECT – in your presence let him feel like a MAN, let him feel like he is your hero and you will be surprised that he will have that desire to be with you always.
ALLIGNMENT – how to align the two of you, how about your level of understanding with each other, the courage to share of who you are and able to connect in a deeper level that creates a deep bonds with him.
VARIETY – predictability means boring.
when the relationship becomes predictable it becomes boring. So how to infuse variety, make some incredible memories together, create some crazy memories.
EXCITEMENT – this is how you show your energy and passion to him. How enthusiastic and passionate you are when is around you. That energy is going to transfer to him and he is going to love it.
I’ve got a few instances and examples to share but not here 🙂 – I don’t like men to know further secrets from us 🙂
Create an amazing feeling that will make him addicted to you. He will be missing it when you are gone. He will think of you…pursuing you…
Good luck Ladies:)

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