After all, money has its advantages. However, as income increases, life-satisfaction rises too.
The role of money in dating life is like “She’s supposed to like me for myself?”
Still, most of us intuitively feel money alone can’t explain happiness.
Feeling good isn’t enough to be happy. There is a study result to suggest that the influence of moral value on assessments of happiness is highly robust.” Put differently, most of us think that happiness involves living a moral life.
Is there any relationship between happiness, money, and morality?
People would make money, but there is more to happiness than money.
If not money, then what causes happiness?
For me doing kind acts for others. Examples visiting old friends and relatives, donating, write a thank you letter. People experienced a significant boost in happiness for doing kind acts for others. You probably think happiness involves living a good life. A good life includes being a good person, a moral person. Doing good things for others will likely make you happier. If money can’t buy a good life, then money can’t buy happiness.
Be Good and Be Happy