Every ones expectation is to have a happy life each day, yet we all know that in real life it is hard to achieve or maybe we can say it is impossible. Most of us expect flowers and chocolates from romance, despite the fact that most of us witnessed difficulties in maintaining a relationship. Expectations are like a throbbing balloon ready to burst.
The truth is relationship is not easy. It requires commitment, compromise, sacrifice, understanding, adjustment and many more to mention.
Everything in the beginning is magical but becomes sore as years pass by. And then every little thing that didn’t matter becomes cause of worry and burry.
To fall in love is easy but to be one takes long. Love one another not for a cause but for the charm togetherness brings. Love is bliss so is bitter when it fails to meet its charm. But the reality is that love is action. It is a work! It is something we must commit as a practice.
Now after all what I have been through I realized that everything can be learned as long as the will is there. If both sides are willing to work to meet the goal of being together, I think there is forever then.
Enjoy reading and keep well.
A combined thoughts of Aleli