I’ve Donated My Blood to my Husband’s Dying Mistress

Ooopsss Ladies before you react, let me clarify that this is not me! Lol

This is actually a true story from a friend, the first time I heard about this straight from her I really don’t know what to say. I have mixed emotions and tons of questions in my mind, how the hell is she thinking of, what kind of kindness is this – if that sort of, is this what you called to love and so many thoughts played in my mind while listening to her. I’ve asked her what makes you do that. She is supposed to be your rival, your enemy? She replied “I don’t know” what!!!

Is she a martyr? A modern one or similar case possibly happened a long time ago, yes maybe.

Love can really move mountain? That kind of sacrifice for the sake of your Love one? Really, from her action I was confused. Maybe because we are totally different, needless to say, my personal encounters 🙂 lol.

Apart from donating her blood to dying mistress of her own husband, she is also supporting their kids when needed. She was abandoned by her husband for many years! Can you imagine that!

I am really surprised to hear such heroic (I can say) story of a woman. A woman who is bravely approaching challenges in her own way without even thinking of what others will think about her. Even though, still it is not clear to me what was that and how come. I admired her for whatever reasons behind her actions. It was not easy, it hurts I know but still she accepts the fact of the reality that it is her life. Acceptance makes her move on isn’t.

What about your thoughts on this?

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