Jumping Rope in Life

I can say I enjoyed my childhood and experienced all the street games like jumping rope, hide and seek and the like; it is so sad to see that nowadays most children are not playing all these types of games. Modern times focused on the easiest way to let the child enjoy and play. Without so much of action like computer games, PS4 and the like. Kids before are more active and energetic than today maybe because of the lifestyle and the activities available now.

I remember playing jumping rope when I was a kid. I enjoyed it a lot, you need energy and timing to be able to win.

Yesterday, I was driving and about to join a road and because it was traffic I find it a little bit difficult to join. When I finally got joined the road I had this smile in my face and thought Oh yeah I’m a good driver – as they said my way of driving 🙂 This suddenly flashed back to me the game of jumping rope. How I used to focused and wait for the right timing to successfully jump into the rope.

Unconsciously, jumping rope taught me how to focus and concentrate. Adult life is full of responsibility and challenges, we need a lot of courage and hard work to survive. We need focus and concentration to get things done correctly.

Unconsciously, jumping rope taught me how to wait for the right timing before you jump in. Right timing as I’ve mentioned from my other note that this is the best weapon to carry with you in a relationship to avoid fights or arguments. To know when is the right time to speak, the right time to join, the right time to feel, the right time to cry, the right time to be with someone.

Intuitively practiced all these skills while playing jumping rope when I was a child. Maybe that is why it is so spontaneous for me to easily get the work done.

How I wish kids are still playing like what we were before 🙂


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