Age is just a number!

Beyond that is what we have learned throughout these numbers and how we apply them in our lives. How we are trained and developed when we are a child has a very important role on who we are now.

As a mother of four, I’ve noticed that each child should have a different approach when it comes to discipline. All of them are different even with the same parents and environment; as a person they are totally different.

Some parents are very protective to the point that they are not showing the kids the reality of life. Hiding real issues at home, pretending that everything is ok. Such case the kids are not aware of the other side of life. When they become adult and encounter some difficulties they are not prepared! Sometimes weak in making decision and there is difficulty in taking actions towards the problems.

Kids that doesn’t have responsibilities at home are most likely become dependent and needy.

Honestly, being open to our kids is important. Kids are smart, you never know how smart they are until you open up and you will be surprised of their opinion. They observe and seek for the answer, some kids has the courage to ask but some are not.

Involve them in making decisions and you will realize they are of help.

My son is only 5 how come he will understand what I am going to say . Try! You’ll never know and I bet you will be amazed.

Matured person is not about the age. It is about how they understand his own life and the life of the other. In control when it comes to their decisions and emotions. Views and approach in every issues are positive.

Maturity does not count on age. There are many young who are more matured than aged people. We matured through learning and acquiring lessons in life and the willingness to implement such in our lives.

I beleive to produce a strong and matured person it should start from us parents.

Thanks for reading:)