I have been treating acne for more than two years now and so far all are successful. I am always telling my client that it is not me who will treat you but it’s YOU  “I need your 100% commitment on this”. I am happy to serve clients with commitment, because it is so easy to get the result if they are fully committed on the treatment sessions. The willingness to follow instructions and trust on the process is very important. Treating acne or any skin conditions takes time it’s not an overnight result! I don’t do magic! It is gradual but surely makes a difference in each and every after session. Treating acne is becoming one of my favourite passion now, whenever my client is happy my heart is more than happy, I am satisfied! Fulfillment in what I do! It’s not just about making money but bringing back my client’s confidence is my goal.

Follow my treatments with her…





I am so happy with this Client, both of us were so busy but still we tried our best to meet and do the treatment. I believe this treatment will get a good result soon!

Commitment is the Treatment!






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clean towel

After two and half months.

13th August 2017


after 10 weeks

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