Create Your Own Happiness

Early morning I’ve received a crazy message from my daughter Khaye and here it is 🙂


She is right! We can create our own happiness!!

From the previous blog I’ve mentioned that to be happy is a choice. It is a habit that can be practiced every day. Happiness is a skill, to acquire this skill it requires a lot of understanding and practice. It is how we approach circumstances in life, how we see things around us, how we treat people, and how we solve issues in a way that we can control our feelings.

It is not easy to manage emotions but it is possible, practice makes perfect! It is even difficult to matured people to do this, just keep on trying and wait if this will bring happiness to you. Leave the burden behind, think positive, avoid keeping bad emotions longer, let go as quick as you can. Join me in trying to perfect this skill 🙂


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