Benefits of Sports Training at an Early Age.

It’s a known fact that sports and fitness keeps one fit and healthy. But is it the only benefit of sports and in particular professional sports training for children ? Hmm …definitely not !! There are many more advantages to it. Let me try pointing out a few that I feel is beneficial to children.
1- Self confidence: In a training centre the child is exposed to systematic training by a professional coach, who helps to learn the techniques required by a game. But more over the coach works in elevating the child’s confidence level. Each training session is designed to bring out the potential in the child and thus he/she becomes more and more confident as the training progresses.
2- Team work: learning to work in a group is always beneficial to children as they grow. In a training camp children learn to understand how to behave in a group and how to contribute to the group. This would build their team working abilities and leadership skills.
3- Discipline: Without discipline it’s absolutely impossible to master a game and be successful in it. Children in a training institute is taught to follow instructions and their duties are well defined.
4- Chasing a goal: The coach sets goals for each players or groups to make them realise what is expected of them. Also the individuals are taught to set personal goals and is encouraged to work towards it. This has an huge impact in the children as they grow up to adults.
5- Respect: The coach is not just a tutor but a mentor and a friend. The children who enroll in a camp is taught to respect the coach and follow his instructions. Not only that, the children are encouraged to watch their seniors and learn from them also. This acknowledgment of seniority builds respect and it becomes part of his/her individual character.
6- Decision making: sports can enhance the skills required for decision making and overall intelligence develops as the expected standards are mostly high. Sports in general is competitive.
7- Accepting failures and defeats: The child who is exposed to sports from young age learns to accept losses and work towards improvement.
I can give more benefits but let me leave that to you all. Please suggest more. This is to encourage more children to join sports and professional training. It not only develops their potential as a sportsman but also an individual more faster than any other methods.

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