Ready to Fall In Love Again

“Proceed with caution”

I have been meeting few ladies, my clients actually and they have been living a single life for some time now, but one of them is really eager of asking help in finding someone to cherish. Meaning she is ready to fall in love again. Sounds like an exciting idea, like a fairy tale. But it is likely difficult to know how and where to start finding a new love.

Nowadays, several people find their partner through internet but some are not convinced that you can really find true love online. Anyhow, finding someone new is very challenging. It is, in fact, challenging to know who is ready for the real thing or not; only you can verify and tell and see where you truly are. If you feel that this is it and he is the right one for you then go for it but proceed with caution.

It is very healthy to be in a loving relationship. Money, career and other things are important too but being with the one you love; in a good relationship is better than therapy and a bad one can ruin all that’s with you. Some are so afraid of trying again, it’s fine to be single if that is what you prefer, but if you are a relationship-oriented person, being alone and lonely is not healthy and even more painful.

There are so many cases wherein the relationship is only good in the beginning. How you meet is matter less than how you treat each other after jumping into a relationship. Most are very much behave from few months of their relationship, or maybe longer than a year, other are consistent; looking for the next one…consistency is the best catch.

Physical attraction, beauty, hotty, yummy, masculine etc fade over time. Like money gets spent or lost, but love can last forever if you both manage it well and are kind. Treat the one you love as you wish to be treated.

Eventually, you will develop a bond and willingness to care for one another. When you are in a good relationship, whatever the world throws you at you can be handled. You will see how much power the love can do for you.


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