In photo Martin & April

Intimacy and sex are two different things, mostly are confuse that intimacy is same with sex. Anyone can be sexual without being intimate. This is purely physical connection no intimacy involve, like friends with benefits, fling, casual relationship and one night stand. These don’t provide closeness or trust. Being intimate is deeply knowing your partner, this does not happen overnight or neither in the first week or few months of relationship. This happens when both nurture the relationship overtime, it takes time to really understand each other, when it does, intimacy happens spontaneously. It takes serious involvement and patience, the willingness to make mistakes and to forgive them for the sake of learning. Intimacy is everyone’s longing for but not all are lucky to find or make it. Because intimacy is scary, the fear of losing that intimate feeling is really scary. Both partner requires a lot of work through their fears and differences.

The truly intimate relationships allows both partner to deeply know each other, who they really are. There is no need to change of who you are, a minor changes might be required to simply adjust and make it understandable to one another. Learning about each other’s differences and accept them. Intimacy happen when two people are in love and feel secure that the other will not violate the rule of trust. Intimacy grows when two people are emotionally connected, even when there are conflicts or problems around. Intimacy requires facing the problems with courage and with the faith that the relationship is worth to keep. It is not necessary to be perfect; It is necessary to do our best to make it happen and enjoy the magical feeling of intimacy.