Keep “WE”

We believe that most of the relationships after some time the intensity becomes low, the quality of their relationship certainly decline, that their energy turns into complacency, and that initial burning passion cannot survive the test of time.

Well, it is basically common but there are so many ways to keep the love alive. There are many couples out there stay intensely in love after a decade of marriage. (Keep the LOVE Alive)

There are so many findings and tips from friends, relatives and over the internet to read and apply to help you keep the love alive.

Here are some:

Physical affection & sex

It is not surprising as the topped, physical affection behavior such as kissing, hugging is a powerful way of communicating with your partner. When we do this we are releasing “cuddle hormone” flows freely through our bodies when we feel closer to our partner.

Affection is such an important element of love, even if a relationship doesn’t always seem perfect (and, let’s face it, what relationship always does?), it may help make up for the negatives.

Shared Experiences

Love grows through shared experiences, always make memories to cherish. Some of the greatest moments of intimacy in a relationship come from simple joys of watching together, exercise together, exchanging intellectual ideas, travel and so on.

Be Positive

When we get to know someone well, we naturally learn about both their strengths and their weaknesses but it is really up to us whether we choose to focus one side or the other. By focusing on what we appreciate and admire in our partner and being grateful for the value and gifts that our partner brings into our lives, we cannot but think positively and may feel more intense love as a consequence.

Personal Happiness

Taking care of personal happiness is good for your health and important to your relationship. Make time for yourself freely, it is associated with intense love, respect, and trust. Taking responsibility for your own happiness like going out with friends or time at the gym, it has the potential to improve the quality of your relationship.

Sharing affection, thinking positively about our partner’s good qualities, share activities together and create your own happiness may all be important features in having loving relationship.


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