Make Your Life Happier

Ever wonder how some people seem to be so happy even in very small things. I’ve noticed from few friends who are always laughing and takes things easy; smiling with people and appreciate almost everything that they see and receive. In our culture, we called it “mababaw ang kaligayahan” (shallow happiness) meaning expressing intense happiness in every little thing. There was a time when I envy those who are carrying this positive behavior, they don’t stress too much, they infect the people to laugh; they spread happiness while I was always serious and in a hurry. But to change is not too late; as we age we become more emotionally stable and able to manage our emotions, realizing that control is power.

It is us and only us who can make our life, it is a matter of choice, that is within our control, our life is in our hands. Why not make it a work of art. Do what makes us happy, choose the people to be with, throw all the negative, embraced the positive, manage our stress, be generous, share the love, forgive and forget, enjoy, spend quality time with loved ones, visit grannies and many more small things that will make us feel happy.

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed chatting with a friend who I had argued a little. There was a misunderstanding between us; we both sorry for what had happened. We are both matured to say “sorry”; when I said sorry to her I felt so relieved and happy. When she said the same it was an overwhelming feeling, meaning forgiveness is happiness. We should realize that we are human, we do a mistake and it is normal, misunderstood, sometimes burst and out of control because of the situation that pushed us to say something inappropriate. Acceptance and forgiveness are mature approaches to toss this negative feeling and be happy. Carrying bad emotions for long is not good for our health and of course, it will affect our aura as well. So let us make our life a work of art and spread happiness to the people around us.

Cheers 🙂

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