Same Same No More

Photo by: Bernadette Rodriguez

To my followers who are requesting me to continue writing, I am so sorry I was so busy lately and I never had a good moment to write something. Today is off and while waiting for our movers to shift our things to a new place something came to my mind. It’s not just because I thought of it but I can feel it, through the years and based on the experiences I can say:

We aged! We changed!

People change…

Situation pushes us to change…

Emotions drive us to change…

Forever together is possible but consistency is not; changes happen over time. The level of intensity is fluctuating like a stock market. Either the change is good or bad surely people change.

We cannot expect that when we left someone and come back after some time still that person is the same. There are so many aspects that will make us change, timing, surroundings, situation, emotional stability, mind settings, needs, financial status, people around us and many more.

One day we are not the same as before. “When I was young I was like this”

We approach problems differently when we are matured.

We changed when someone hurt us.

We changed when in doubt.

We changed when we are treated badly.

We changed when we feel that life is not good to us.

We changed when someone abused us.

We changed when our partner changed.

Love can change us.

Hatred can change us either.

No one remains the same, that is the fact and human’s action towards the reality.

For whatever reasons we changed intentionally or unintentionally let’s hope it is because changes are good for us. That changes will make us happy, that changes will make us a better person, that changes can lead us to a good life, that changes can help us to strive for success. Same same no more but a better one.



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