Flags that may reveal applicants performance without interview yet

What really recruiters looking for when reviewing candidate’s profile?

We usually look for the flags or sign that may allude to high performers, culture fit, loyalty, and flexibility.

Well experienced recruiters are experts in reviewing profile. I can say we can shortlist one CV in just a few seconds. Just one look! So CV or profile presentation is very important to catch the attention of the recruiters.

Here are some of the ideas how we judge a profile.

High Performer Flags

Complete profile – A candidate who has taken time to complete his/her profile may demonstrate being detail oriented and a serious job seeker.

Results & data driven – Inclusion of numbers in profile descriptions like growth percentage, sales development etc can provide evidence of being analytical and result driven.

Group & community involvement – Profile that shows membership to some groups or volunteer organizations alludes greater interest/connection to certain industries and their community.



Red Flags

Mistakes & typos – profile that have typos, grammatical errors, and poor formatting demonstrate lack of attention to detail.

Short job tenure – profile that shows frequent job hopping could indicate poor relationships and quick burn out.

Vague wording – Use of ambiguous language, such as “familiar with’ and “participated in” could imply you didn’t actually work on the project; you simply assisted in a way.

Unprofessional photo – it is a big NO. It imply that you are not aware of how to present yourself in a Professional environment.

I have seen so many CVs with inappropriate photos and it is irritating to the eyes of a recruiter like me. If I am going to use only a gut feeling when choosing a profile I will 100% ignore that kind of CV. I have seen photo on CV in full body holding a bouquet of flowers, pets photo, wearing a t-shirt and recently an ugly duck! The CV looks so promising and technically qualified but I had this second thought if I shall shortlist this candidate because of the “ugly duck” photo in it. I was wondering and until now I really don’t know the answer why an Engineer in a senior level profile will put an “ugly duck photo” as a representation of himself. Anyway, the bottom line here is to take time in preparing your CV and your online profile. This is the key for you to get a chance to be selected and called for an interview.

Good luck 🙂


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