Getting out of friend zone is risky! If you are already fed up of being his best friend and feel like you want to express your true feelings for him then you have to be willing to take the risk. Chances are if you do this and it doesn’t work out that you are going to endure the friendship that you have with him. There are few successful stories out there, who jumped from friendship to relationship. Just understand the risk.

If you are really decided and ready for this, before you reveal about your true feelings try to do these few tips that will let him feel the introduction of your feelings.

Slowly switch your action from friendship to sexual interest, create a sexual tension have him start seeing you as a sexual being. Friendship + sexual attraction creates an amazing relationship. Ignite his masculine energy, find him sexy, flirt a little, let him know something that you like about him, like saying I like you when you smile or it’s good thing that we are only friend because that polo on you is so sexy right now. This will definitely strike his masculine energy and also sighting that you are a sexual being that you have sexual energy as well. Open him up from the things he didn’t see you before, things that is unknown to him that you are capable of doing.

Create a mystery, treat him like a real best friend but this time set some limits. If you used to hug or kissed when meeting up or watching movie alone in your room you can say “I am reserving this kind of moment for my boyfriend privilege” but make it fun and casual conversation.

Ready! Ok then this is it, uncontrolled! Really you need to say it! Willing to take the risk! You don’t care how he is going to take your revelation but you are ready, so how you will start the conversation. Wait for the right timing, right place and the right mood. Start with a very casual tone and slowly drag the conversation a little bit serious then start with saying “hey, there is something in my mind recently and really bothers me and I would love to share it with you; honestly it is awkward but I prefer to be honest with you” then for sure you got his full attention. “I really enjoyed our friendship but lately I have noticed this other part of me that feels an attraction for you, not a friend but I am beginning to like you”. Silence 🙂 “ It seems complicated but honestly I am not sure what to do … deliver it simple but precise. Then end it by asking him “what do you think?” Wait for his answer, risk is here, he might say I have the same feeling for you then wallah congratulation!!! lol or he might say I really look at you as a friend, then just simply reply ok no big deal at least I am clear with this:)

This is in relation to my previous post Love me please or Leave you please.

Cheers 🙂