Photo by Bernadette Rodriguez

I have few girlfriends around looks so pretty but still single. It is so intriguing a pretty woman is still single or remain single for long time. And there are some women who looks so simple, silent,  not that pretty and not even sexy but fully occupied.

What goes wrong here? For my girlfriends who are in this situation I will try my very best to enumerate some tips that I hope can help you 🙂

A common concern of a single woman is how to be attractive and noticed by a guy. One thing complicated is how to keep the guy’s interest after catching them. Every single lady want to know how to flirt, get noticed, seduced and be attractive, it is so challenging to success in love.

Here are some tips and behavior that can help you increase attraction:

  • Always keep fresh and clean – very basic but few women are not giving much attention to this, keep your nails, hair and skin clean – let it glow!
  • Watch your weight/Keep fit – maintain good appearance all the time
  • Choose your fashion – wear stylish clothing that suits you well, and importantly clean and fresh, good smell is very powerful too.
  • Be funny – sense of humor is a good sign of being smart and up to date, make him laugh,make him feel like you care about his happiness
  • Be positive – personality counts toward attraction too. Physical attraction doesn’t last longer but well-mannered can go a long way. It is important to focus on you positive behavior.
  • Be kind – offering help, but not too much remember you are the girl.
  • Flirt is on – smiling, touching, appealing gestures , simple soft touch can do some magic 🙂 don’t touch below the belt ladies I am just being clear here hahaha
  • Get noticed – of course it is important to go out to get noticed. Go to the places with potential lovers. Be social, join some networking groups, sports, activities and clubs. While socializing it is important that you know how to send the right signal to the potential lover. Remember the “Flirt is ON”

While there are many ways to get noticed and be attractive, above are some of the fundamental aspects that will help you improve your aura as a woman and get noticed. So don’t be confused just remember to sum this up; make the best out of your appearance, be funny, be positive and always keep the flirt on!

Good luck and enjoy!