Photo by Bernadette Rodriguez


I was in mental hospital! Hahahaha

Kidding aside, this is a question when we feel like asking when we’ve met someone who we think is perfectly right for us but not in the right time. We connect instantly, found him/her amazing, can’t stop smiling, enjoying every moment, there is a spark! They make us feel alive and suddenly everything around us are beautiful and all the love songs start to make sense.

Is there really a timing for the right person? How timing is everything when it comes to relationship? And definitely we are wishing that if we found that right person, timing won’t matter because we want to be happy – so in spite of all consequences, we will find a way to make it happen.

But it doesn’t always work like the way we want it to be. Many things are out of our control and are standing in our way. No matter what the reasons are, we can’t help but think “ We would be together If we’ve met few years ago” but life has no rewind!

Despite of the intense attraction, it doesn’t mean that this person is the right one for us, it takes time before we can say yes he/she is the right one for us. Don’t be confused, attraction and love is totally different. It starts with attraction for sure but love is developed overtime. If not the right time, we can still express our true self but with caution.