“I like you”

Walking down the counter, looking at you smiling…and feel like saying I like you.

I like your smile…you are cute

I like your muscles…you are sexy

I like your smell…you are yummy

“I love you”

You’re persistence made me love you

You’re kindness gives me courage to move on

You secured me with your hugs and kisses….I love you

You treated me like a baby and makes me feel to love you more

You are always beside me

You are my admirer even to my worst performance

You love my morning look

You accept me for who I am…. I love you.

“I miss you”

Your presence is my world

I am incomplete without you

Your voice is my music

Your words are my inspiration

Your support is my success

“I hate you”

Suddenly you are out of control

I hate you ignoring me….

I hate you when I cannot find you…

I hate you when you kiss me less…

I hate you when we argue….

Conflicts, conflicts I hate you ….

Chill…just a poem 🙂