5 Things WE Love about Tbilisi, Georgia

I was mesmerized from the first time I have visited Tbilisi, Georgia. Not only me but my kids as well. I remember my son was so in love with scrambled eggs and he said “ I will come back to taste this best egg in the world” lol because all foods are freshly harvested from the farm nearby Tbilisi City.  Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia where I was pleasantly amazed of the architectures, food, wine and hospitality of the people – but I can say 90% of them don’t speak English. Our tour guide name was Tariel and we became a very good friends, we’ve met his wife(Lali) and his only son(Niki). They have a flat in Tbilisi and with a very unique lift like a vendo machine. After inserting a coin then it started to lift us up with no light, noisy and our eyes are popping out and was so scared. It was safe to use it’s just so happen it was our first time to try this old-fashioned lift. We went up to the mountain of Molity their ancestors house, we traveled up to the snowy mountain for four hours from Tbilisi.



From then, we used to travel to Tbilisi at least twice a year. We started up a small Tour Guide business with Tariel and here is our facebook page:


We are accepting tourist from Dubai and we provide exclusive tour for them. Since I know how tour guide companies charges the tourist so we always recommend exclusive tour with us. When you walk down to the city of Tbilisi, a lot of tour guide people will approach you and give you flyers of their tour packages. Most of them are charging the tourist per location and by bus so it is a waste of time sitting in a bus waiting for the rest of the tourist to be picked up from their hotel. They usually charge 40$ to 60$ per place per person. Unlike with us, we will provide you exclusive tour for you and your family or your group. We provide car & Driver/Tour Guide, you can stop whenever or wherever you want to take a picture and enjoy the view. You can also customize your trip the way you want it if possible to do so. (considering the weather and the distance).

The political and cultural capital of Georgia, a small country set between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Tbilisi (pronounced “T’buh-leesi”) more than merits a visit (or even a mileage run). Founded in the 5th century, the city offers some fascinating attractions, amazing gastronomic opportunities, gorgeous scenery and beautiful wines. After a few trips here, these are my recommendations for what not to miss in Tbilisi.

1. Wine

For those who know me well, wine, of course, would be on top of my list :). When you are in Tbilisi, locals will first point out how proud they are of their wine. Tariel and the rest of his neighbor are making their own wine in their own backyard. Homemade wine is tasty and really amazing, most of them are growing grapes in their backyard to use for making their own wine, cool isn’t! Georgia has the world’s oldest evidence of grapes being left to ferment and turned into wine dates back to 6000BC.

During your wine tasting tour, you will learn a lot of information about winemaking.

2. Delicious and very Affordable Foods

I really love Lali’s recipes, the chicken is so soft, a simple bread is so tasty, basically, food is one of the reasons why I love to visit Tbilisi.


Delicious Churchkhela candies hanging for sale at a roadside stand. 

From this plentiful Churchkhela that can be found hanging on every street corner to the delicious Khinkali and heavenly Khachapury., Georgian cuisine has deservedly earned its reputation as something that is not to be missed out.



Khinkai! The simple look belies the deliciousness within.

Khinkali, soup dumplings that are filled with meat, cheese or vegetables, and are eaten in a very specific manner. First time I tried it, all broth was scattered in my plate 🙂 Take a small bite of the body of the dumpling, noisily suck out the delicious broth inside, then savor the rest of the dumpling up to the topknot, which you should toss down on the plate, uneaten.





Gorgeous khachapuri, Georgian specialty bread baked with a cheese filling and sometimes served with an egg or a pat of fresh butter swimming in the middle. Forget about counting calories, this is a very delicious stuff to try!


Definitely, the initial reason to come to Tbilisi, Georgia is to experience the snow and the ski for my kids. And it was an amazing experience in Gudauri ski resort, it is about three hours away from Tbilisi City. The road was a bit dangerous especially when there is heavy snow. We stayed there overnight and in the morning my kids enjoyed skiing and the rest of outdoor activities available there. The rent for ski equipment is around 50AED for half day.

The most adventurous experienced that we had there was when we went up to Mount Kazbek & Gergeti Trinity Church.

Part of Georgia’s natural charm is its beautiful mountainous scenery. Located in the extreme north of the country near the Georgia/Russia border are the Caucasus Mountains. Mount Kazbek is part of the range and its name means ‘mountain of ice’. The mountain is popular with trekkers and climbers for being one of the highest in the region and for its magnificent summit views.

We used a 4 x 4 truck just to reach there, it is available for hire down the mountain.

4. Tbilisi Market & Ukay Ukay (used clothes shop)

Of course, I am curious if Ukay-ukay is also available in this country and surprisingly yes!! big time!! A lot of used clothes store underground the Tbilisi market and they are cheap, I bought three pairs of boots for less than 100AED what about that ladies 🙂

5. Beautiful Scenery and Historical Places along the way

Georgian Military Road Ananuri Castle


Lake Ritsa in Abkhazia

Lake Ritsa is a lake in the Caucasus Mountains, in the northern part of Abkhazia, surrounded by mixed mountain forests and subalpine meadows. Its water is cold and clear. Mountains with heights of 2,200 to 3,500 m surround the lake.

Narikala Castle in Tbilisi

One of Tbilisi’s important ancient sites is the Narikala Fortress. Situated on a hill overlooking the city and Mtkvari River, the fortress was constructed in the 4th century to protect the city from attack. Although some parts were demolished by an earthquake in 1827, walls and battlements from the 16th and 17th centuries still remain lending stunning views of the city.

Aerial Tramway in Tbilisi (1Gel per ride = 1.5AED)


Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

One of the architecturally significant buildings in Georgia, this medieval stone cathedral is located in Mtskheta, a historic town near Tbilisi. The present 11th-century cathedral was rebuilt from its original 4th-century version, and its inner walls contain fragments of icons and frescoes, as well as decorated stonework. During its long history, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral has come under attack from Persians, Arabs, and Russians, as well as earthquakes. Not only is it an important place of Christian worship, the cathedral is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Ladies require scarves in the Georgian Orthodox churches, sometimes skirts too, but they can find some in the entrances. Short trousers are forbidden in the church.


Freedom Square & Peace Bridge over the river Mtkvari, Tbilisi


Metekhi Church, Tbilisi


Jvari Monastery

Jvari Monastery is the most visually dramatic of the UNESCO monuments, perched atop a cliff overlooking the entire valley. Built in the 6th century.

12301512_1272099539482482_4250206468787650347_nMother of Georgia Statue

12316503_1272649739427462_3181618724645450779_nTurtle Park Tbilisi

Tbilisi City proper & Rustavelli Avenue

Mtatsminda Park, Funicular & Underground Train

Sighnaghi Great Wall and Kakhetian wine

Due to its special and unique architecture and natural location Sighnaghi, the pearl of Kakheti region (110km from Tbilisi), is one of the most beautiful small towns in Georgia. Built 790 meters above the sea level, it overlooks the most beautiful landscape of Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains.

Dry Bridge Market where you can find lots and lots of antiques from plates, cameras, mobile, paintings, and many more..

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Planning to travel and experience Tbilisi please visit our page and contact us for more information and assistance.





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