Overseas Filipino Worker Outside Feeling Wasted

Filipino’s & OFW’s can easily relate to this topic. This afternoon from our office common pantry while having coffee with few of my colleagues, one of them just came back from vacation and emotionaly expressing how difficult to cope when just got back from vacation. I was telling him that we human has a capability to adopt and adjust in any situation in two week time. And I really believe in that; new place, new work & new environment, two weeks is the minimum period to adopt all these changes.

Most of us are here because we need to support our family back home that is why I said “Outside Feeling Wasted” meaning we are outside our country and feeling wasted because we are missed and we are missing our family too. Almost 7 years ago the last time I was in the departure area in Manila and was crying when I heard my daughter shouting mommy! After that moment, I said to myself this will never gonna happen anymore, the next time I go home I will bring all my children with me. It was so painful and unexplained feeling of sadness but we don’t have choice but to go and make for a living.

Loneliness is the worst enemy of OFW, in other words even how many friends we have, how many people surrounded us on a daily basis, whatever diversion we do, even we go out for a million dates, still we are lonely. We significantly feel lonely because we feel emotionally disconnected from our love ones, distance disconnect us. Good news is that internet help us to connect anytime and anywhere. Our presence is totally different from internet interaction but it does help a lot in emotionally connecting us to our love ones. We can also monitor our kid’s activities through the use of internet, we can play with them, help them with their homework.  We can have a skype date with our spouse. So many things that we can do now to connect, we just need to be creative and invest time to do that. Better way to than going out for bar hopping, shopping or dating which is the usual escape goat of few OFW’s here in UAE, then one day realizing that it is a bad habit that resulting to put them into bad debt.

Conquering loneliness abroad is difficult than mastering the work!

Kudos to all OFW!