Cabbage Patch Cuteness!

Crocheted Cabbage Patch Doll Hats have two braids and adorable curly bangs and can be made in any size from newborn to adult. You and your child can wear this for cute pictures! Makes a great addition to a costume or wear one for dress up and just for fun!

From the photo I have made two sizes: one is for 1 year old and the other one is for 6 years old.


In making the hat make sure to stop increasing when you reached the required diameter.


Acrylic yarns any color and thickness of your choice

Crochet hook – I used 4.0mm


Tape Measure


Pattern for 6 years old: 52cm in Diameter & 17cm in length

Start with Magic Loop


Row 1- 6 sc – pull the magic loop tight then join the last sc to the 1st sc – sl

Row 2 – ch1 then 2sc in each sc = 12sc


Row 3 – ch 1 sc in each sc = 12sc

Row 4 – ch2 2hdc in each sc = 24hdc

Row 5 – ch2 2hdc in each hdc = 48hdc

Row 6 – ch2 hdc in each hdc = 48hdc

Row 7 – ch2 2hdc in each hdc = 96hdc

Row 8 – ch2 hdc in each hdc = 96hdc (52cm in diameter as needed) so continue the same procedure from Row 8 to Row 13.

Row 13 is 13cm in length and we need 17cm so let’s continue

Row 14 – is the start of making the loops up to Row 17 to make 17cm in length.



Attach the pigtails to the hat.


Finished Cabbage Patch Doll Hat



For assistance please message me here

Enjoy 🙂


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