Hey ladies it’s been a while when I wrote something exclusive for us. Guys please stop reading now!!!! hahahaha.

Do you believe that when a guy think of you and wondering what are you up to is a good sign that he might fall in love with you? Yes, of course it is proven. What about a day or two that the guy is wondering what are you doing and he never hear anything from you not even a post from your social media and then he can’t handle it anymore and suddenly send you a message. This is a good start if ever, so please ladies control control do not initiate always.

So if you’re on your initial stage of dating it is helpful to refrain from posting on your social media like facebook, Instagram etc of what are you doing from time to time. Give him a chance to think of you and miss you. Be mysterious! Do not feed him all the information, let him work on that. Do not offer so many affection in the beginning of your relationship. Let him invest!

Naturally, guys is to chase a woman. If the chasing is no longer present in your relationship there is a tendency that the emotional intensity will drop down and eventually just die. To strike up the chasing with caution play a little bit hard to get but I said with caution – be careful not to overly do this. It is not easy to make a man fall in love with you but the probability is very high if you know how to do it and if you work hard to let him fall for you.

Don’t be too available to the point that all his invitations are ok and you are ready to go anytime. If this is the case, there is a possibility of taking you for granted sometimes because he knows you are just there ready and waiting for him.

Remember that we are not looking for something that is already available.

Show him that you can make yourself happy without him. That you are not relying your happiness to him. That you are a woman of value even without him beside you. He will respect and admire you for that. Beside there are men who panicked when they think they are not capable of making their woman happy. That is why some of men just withdrawing from the relationship thinking that it is difficult for him to manage you as his responsibility, and we are left wondering what was wrong.

Men are sometimes afraid of responsibilities especially those who are not ready to settle yet. So be careful in showing him that you will be a load in the long run. That you are not a woman for long term relationship or a girlfriend or a wife material. Remember that from the very first meeting he is watching you, so be careful and act the way you want him to know you. Men admire independent and confident woman so act like one. If you are not carrying these qualities then learn and apply it. They will keep coming back to you if he is happy, valued and loved.

They love to feel like a real man when around you.

Let him think, let him crave and don’t deprive him the game of chasing! This excites him to turn like a wild stallion pursuing you!

Keep the F….. ON ladies! Flirt? Fire ? whatever – lol

Cheers  🙂