It’s not easy

It is not easy to be alone, neither be a single

It is not easy to be with someone, neither to be married

It is not easy to say no and even sometimes to say yes

It is not easy to lead our lives to where we want it to be

It is not easy to maintain the intensity of love though it is easy to fall in love

Life is not easy, in any aspects …but we can do something about it.

Approaching things in a positive way is a good habit, it will make our lives easier and manageable. Our daily lives are full of challenges, better to have few hours of break from the daily dose of toxins that we encounter every day. If we are lucky to have someone with us to spend few hours of the day to unwind, to talk, to chat, to laugh, to Skype, to feel better, then do it! We never know when our life will end, don’t waste it to all worries and thinking of what others will say about you. Yes, make a life for a living but set aside a time to relax with the people you like to be around you.

Do not waste the presence of someone who has the ability to shower you with love and happiness.

Time will come you will feel exhausted and realized that work is not worth to spend the whole time of your life, that you missed making your life happier. That you are unhealthy because you did not spare some time each day to feel better. That you closed the door of happiness and just focused on something that you will surely regret in the end. Happiness is a choice and choice is our only weapon to live the life that we want. “It is a matter of choice”. Life is so short, choose wisely and enjoy life with caution.

Now it’s your turn to make your choice:)

Good morning!


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