What’s with iphone? – My first iphone experience

Huge crowd in Dubai to buy iPhone 8

This is my first time I am gonna write about the gadget. I am not really after with new gadget neither updated of what’s new in the market. I have gadgets of course because it is millennium’s life requirement, however, it is really “requirement” for me, a necessity per se.

My weekend was very silent, two days of no phone and no wifi at home. Both requirements were out of my life for two days! Can you imagine that! Most of my friends were thinking I was kidnapped hahaha.

My S6 Edge just suddenly stopped working and I cannot open it anymore, I went to repair shop and they were charging me 850AED for the LED replacement. I went to Etisalat to ask what would be the better option since I have this plan with them but a contract is almost finished in two months from now. I went Friday night and I was advised to get a new unit with a plan rather than paying the early termination fee and close the old one after the contract is over. They said, come back tomorrow 23rd September where iphone8 plus will be released in the UAE.

Early morning Saturday was my son’s training, dropped him and I went straight to Bin Sougat Mall Etisalat branch. I’ve reached there 8:03am and no one was there. All of the staffs were so happy welcoming me and offering the iphone8 plus. I took the plan with iPhone 8plus without any idea what is iPhone 8 plus! I was speechless and I have no idea what is going on when all the staffs were so excited to see the phone and I said to them they can open it and put the sim card. Nothing big deal for me, but to them it was! The manager asked for a photo with me as the first one in the UAE to have this iPhone 8 plus today. Big deal?! Really?! I went out of the store with that ??? in mind and I heard them clapping after I left. In my mind, I really don’t get it, what’s with iPhone?

In the news, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus now officially on sale in UAE


7:55 am

People line up outside an Apple store in Dubai 


What’s with iphone? I don’t have the answer yet, I’m gonna use mine and maybe eventually I can figure out the answer.

What about you, are you an iphone fan?

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