Here, I just wanted to emphasize how much investment a parent is putting on to support a competing child. When I said investment, it is not only the money that we spent in paying their training, buying their equipment, following essential nutrition but more over is our time, patience and understanding of being a parent of a young athlete. Being a sport’s parent is very challenging. I have learned a lot of things not only my children are learning here, me too! The first thing that I have noticed that I’ve adopted and I actually required myself to practice is my control! I need timing when to speak, what to speak and not what to say. Control is power as I am always saying from my previous blogs.


We support our children to acquire the proper skills from their academy and from their coaches, eventually from regular training they will improve that is for sure. However, attitude and injecting the right mind setting to our children is the most challenging part here. Yes, it is! I believe the easiest way to do that is to act by example. Discipline and the right attitude must be seen from us and they will spontaneously practice that as well. It’s not easy isn’t? We don’t compete but we are very much part of the preparation.

I just realize how valuable a piece of award is. No matter how small or how big it is, it is priceless!

I will tell you an example of what is happening from a typical tournament.

From the moment the event is announced, the parent, coaches and the player are starting to plan and prepare. More trainings will be imposed. Plan ahead the schedule, cancel some important event just to be available during the event. Parent’s schedule as well – sometimes cancelling some travels, appointments etc.

Days before the event, we need to watch the activities, food, sleep, mind setting and some other important aspects that we think can help.

On the day of the event – we need to prepare all the equipment that we need to bring – comfortable clothes, shoes, socks, enough rackets, appropriate food, what to eat and what not to eat etc. Then prepare to be in the venue at least 2 hours before the match, considering the location, traffic, transportation, weather and the mood of both parent and the player. Normally, we stay in the venue minimum 7 to 8 hours. In the recent event I was there from Friday 12nn to 10pm and Saturday from 12nn to 10:30pm. This is an example of how much time we are investing in one event.

Matches, example for my son’s boys single U15 – a total of 35 players to compete and only one winner, 1 runner up and 2 semi-finalist. This is a knock out system – meaning when you lost then it’s the end – no more chance of winning anymore. My son has reached the semi-finals (2nd runner up).

Here, I am just sighting how hard it is to be someone from a bunch of good players.

Further, I am not forgetting all the tensions, happiness, excitement, mixed emotions, conflicts, issues and many more that I cannot explain well further. All these factors that the parents, players and coaches are encountering during the matches and the event.

One award is full of memories to cherish.

Kudos to all the Parents, Players & Coaches!


Cheers xoxo