Goodbye Old Face

Let’s not bash people just because of imperfection; we have no idea of the effect of bashing someone, we might push them to do something drastic.

Yesterday, one of my clients was showing me this viral photo on facebook. It has gone viral, it’s a shocking changed isn’t? we both asked – Is it real?!

People are curious, including me of course! Whether it is true or not, still it catches our attention!

Marlou Arizala rose to fame because of his former dance group , Hasht5. Theye were popular on social media but on a negative note. Netizens constantly bashed them for their looks especially Arizala’s. His imperfections, such as his acne, were often pointed out by others. He was even named, “one man pants” because he was spotted wearing the same pants in different video”

Let’s not bash people just because of imperfection; we have no idea of the effect of bashing someone, we might push them to do something drastic. If they did something optimistic in return that is good but what if something drastic and harmful and we have no idea that we have contributed to push someone to get into unwanted situation. So better stop judging and mind our own business.

There are so many funny comments on facebook like “only face has changed not his genes” so his new face will not benefit his child to be 🙂 funny but very true. However, if we have the opportunity and capability of doing things better than what we have right now why not? It is our choice, It is our life, if that choice will add value as a person then give it a shot! Don’t mind what others will say or think, as long as we are happy doing it and we are not disturbing anyone just to get what we want then that is fine.

Being accepted and admired by the society is really uplifting but being different is something that is fearless. Whatever kind of changes has been made by anyone, let’s not judge them, for sure there are reasons behind it and somehow public enjoy it and learn something from new exposures.

Ideally, improving the look is really important, it boost our confidence and we feel great when we are complimented. We gained respect by the way we present ourselves. That is why we maintain our physical look, we invest in our hair, skin, face, perfume and clothes etc…

A balance and practical maintenance is more than enough to look good and feel better. Do not overly focused on the look rather develop a great attitude and people around you will accept you for real.

By the way, I cannot alter any face; I can only improve skin texture and diminish the acne lol 🙂


Keep well xoxo


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Old Face

    1. very true renxkyoko …. I really like your thoughts as always 🙂 if you have chance could you please check my latest post “A Minute is enough” it’s an open letter and I would love to know your comment about it. Thank you and keep well. Loreli

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