We all know that relationship is not all about happiness, normally relationship starts really good and mostly turns out bad. There are so many aspects that we need to consider to make the relationship work. Like plant, we need to take care, cultivate and pay attention to grow healthier and fruitful. In this story, that inspire me to write and share with you guys is how this couple successfully handled this issue and start a new better chapter of their relationship. Love really matter, as long as the love is within and I believe no matter what, still there is a chance to recover from mistakes. As I am always saying, choice is our only weapon to be happy, it’s a matter of choice and it is within our control and it is free! In combining the love with wise decision will make your life happier and someway elude regrets.

Here is the summary of the story.

Sherlyn (not her real name) fell in love with Ekim (not his real name) during the time Sherlyn was broken hearted and Ekim was there to comfort her, they are colleagues. There was a connection, a mutual feeling and communication continuous, few months later they are together, fell in love with each other and inseparable. Decided to live together, a year pass by and still their relationship is ok. Sherlyn showed so much love to Ekim, unconditional love. That makes Ekim so relax and confident in their relationship. Ekim became complacent, satisfied of the normal daily routine of their lives. No more extra attention, no more extra care, in short he is totally satisfied. “She is home, she is mine and she loves me so much, so she will not leave me”. However, Sherlyn was so unhappy and hurt “why he changed?” She is looking for attention, love, care that she was getting from Ekim in the initial stage of their relationship, now it’s gone. Confused, trying to find an answer, to the point of getting help from alcohol to forget and relieve from the pain. She seems no direction, but still her heart is shouting “I still love him” but I desperately need to escape from this pain! Despite of everything, Sherlyn is patiently waiting, never even think of leaving Ekim, she never lose hope that one day Ekim will value her presence again. One day, Sherlyn has made one big decision, she tried to get some comfort from another guy.

For Ekim, he thinks that losing Sherlyn is not a big deal, that he can live without her.

When Ekim found out about the other guy, and scrolled down on Sherlyn’s facebook posts, he found himself crying, suddenly realized all his mistakes, his selfishness and finding her with another guy hurts him so much. “I love her” and “I don’t’ want to lose her”. Sherlyn is dating but still Ekim is the love of her life. The love is still within the two of them, the relationship revived. Ekim changed and Sherlyn is so happy.

In my point of view:

Love is really magical, when we are in love OMG its heaven. All the things around us are beautiful, everything makes us smile. To fall in love is easy but to maintain that love in a relationship is hard, that is why there are failure in a relationship, it’s not the love to blame mostly it’s the action. In this story, there are so many lessons we can learn, and I would like to thank my friend in sharing this story to us.

That relationship needs time, attention, care, respect in order to fonder. Without these, relationship will not survive. Also, when only one person is doing the part, one sided relationship is tiring.

Communication is always the key, If maybe Sherlyn spoke to Ekim and bravely express what she feels and what she really wants, maybe that would work (but I’m not sure if Sherlyn did this) anyway, sometime people are only realizing mistakes when they are hurt. So Ekim was hurt and having a third party makes him realized Sherlyn’s importance in his life! So I can say Sherlyn’s decision to date someone was effective! It catches Ekim’s attention!

That we don’t realize the value of someone until there is a threat of losing that someone. So in Sherlyn’s case, she opened Ekim’s eyes that there is happiness even without him – and this is the threat! Somehow, love triangle is a good spice in a relationship to test how strong the love is.

That keeping the faith with the right action will give a very satisfying result.

I will stop here and I hope you guys can share something to value about this story.