Emotional Intelligence a Missing Part

Going through my emails and this seminar catches my attention “Emotional Intelligence for Leaders” this is what I was wishing for a long time ago. I hope that emotional intelligence is part of the curriculum from Senior High school to College. Curriculum mainly focuses on theory, technical skills, communication skills, personality development and career development. I don’t remember we had something for emotional intelligence when I was studying, I am not so sure in the current curriculum. I had some behavioral subjects that are because I was taking up Psychology, but still, it is not specifically about emotional intelligence.

What normally happens is we learn “emotional intelligence” through experience, through other’s lives, and from our failures. Then we realized that adult world is not all about intelligence, we need to be emotionally prepared as well. We are lucky if our parents prepared us to be emotionally strong in facing obstacles in life, but what if not.

Lately, it has been realized that Leaders must have this very important competency which is the right level of emotional intelligence to be a more effective leader.

It is an important characteristic of anyone at any level of an organization. A leader with the right emotional intelligence can have a far-reaching influence over their relationships, how they will manage their team, and overall how they will interact with individuals in their workplace.

I would suggest let’s have some time to learn and understand the emotional intelligence and how it will help us improves our level of communication and productivity. How we see things from the perspective of others to increase our interpersonal skills. How we recognize own and others emotions and use this to improve their performance and our relationship with them. How we use our emotions to solve some issues. Understand emotions and how emotions change and why. How to manage our own emotion and others emotion and many more.

I hope you enjoy my introduction to emotional intelligence, it is helpful if you will read more about this subject and try to apply what you will learn to your work and even to your personal life.

Cheers xoxo


App for Depression

There are times in our lives that we feel so lonely, so empty and sometimes we are not aware that we are already suffering from depression. There are so many ways to do to overcome loneliness, most common is trying to escape to the reality, so they try to divert their attention into different activities like traveling, shopping, watching movies, meeting people and many more.

I would like to share one app on our phone and they claim to help us overcome depression.

It is called Secret of Happiness.

Sometimes, our brains need help to break the daily destructive cycle. This app is designed to give you a regular schedule of positive thinking as a way to train your brain to think more on the bright side.

It is a 30-day challenge and discovers the secret of happiness. All you need to do is to think positive and enter it into the app right after you get up in the morning and just before you hit the bed in the night. Repeating it for 30 days will train your brain to think positively and your subconscious mind will remain happy.

It is good that the app asks for a 30-day commitment – enough time to develop a new habit.

Stay happy 🙂




Cabbage Patch Cuteness!

Crocheted Cabbage Patch Doll Hats have two braids and adorable curly bangs and can be made in any size from newborn to adult. You and your child can wear this for cute pictures! Makes a great addition to a costume or wear one for dress up and just for fun!

From the photo I have made two sizes: one is for 1 year old and the other one is for 6 years old.


In making the hat make sure to stop increasing when you reached the required diameter.


Acrylic yarns any color and thickness of your choice

Crochet hook – I used 4.0mm


Tape Measure


Pattern for 6 years old: 52cm in Diameter & 17cm in length

Start with Magic Loop


Row 1- 6 sc – pull the magic loop tight then join the last sc to the 1st sc – sl

Row 2 – ch1 then 2sc in each sc = 12sc


Row 3 – ch 1 sc in each sc = 12sc

Row 4 – ch2 2hdc in each sc = 24hdc

Row 5 – ch2 2hdc in each hdc = 48hdc

Row 6 – ch2 hdc in each hdc = 48hdc

Row 7 – ch2 2hdc in each hdc = 96hdc

Row 8 – ch2 hdc in each hdc = 96hdc (52cm in diameter as needed) so continue the same procedure from Row 8 to Row 13.

Row 13 is 13cm in length and we need 17cm so let’s continue

Row 14 – is the start of making the loops up to Row 17 to make 17cm in length.



Attach the pigtails to the hat.


Finished Cabbage Patch Doll Hat



For assistance please message me here https://www.facebook.com/pinaypowerblog/

Enjoy 🙂


Learn Tagalog 03 -Useful expressions: yes, no, and, but, or

Say “oo” to say “yes” to your peers or younger people.
Say “opò” to say yes with respect.Say “hindî” to say “no” to persons your age or younger.
Say “hindî pô” to say “no” with respect.
“Hindî” translates both the English “no” and “not.”

Say “at” to say “and.”

Say “pero” to say “but.”

Say “o” to say “or.”

Learn Tagalog 02 – Alphabet & Vowels

Filipino Alphabet

The modern Filipino alphabet is similar (not identical) to the Latin alphabet:

Latin a..b..c..d..e..f..g..h..i..j..k..l..m..n……..o..p..q..r..s..t..u..v..w..x..y..z
Filipino a..b..c..d..e..f..g..h..i..j..k..l..m..n..ng..o..p..q..r..s..t..u..v..w..x..y..z
Foreign-adopted ……c……..f………..j……………………q…………..v…..x…..z

Ethnolinguistic Note
The languages of the pre-Hispanic Filipinos did not have the consonants “c,” “f,” “j,” “q,” “v,” “x” and “z.” Even today you may hear many Filipinos pronounce “v” as “b” and “f” as “p.”

(The Spaniards first came in 1521 to what is now the Philippines, then came back in 1565 to stay. Before then, the ancestors of today’s Filipinos spoke and wrote languages similar to those in neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia.)

Filipino Vowels

Each Filipino vowel sound consists of only one sound.
Compare with English “a” as in “baby, which has two sounds: “bEIbi”
or English “o” as in “post”: “pOUst”
or, finally, English “i” as in “bike”: “bAIk.”

In this sense Filipino vowels are pure
like vowels in Spanish or Italian.

Pronounce every vowel as a separate sound.
There are no diphthongs in Filipino; diphthongs are vowel combinations pronounced as one syllable.

Pronounce as in English Example
a father Magandang umaga, good morning
e egg Nene
i each ibig, want
o long totoo, true
u food kukunin, will take

Ethnolinguistic Note
The languages of the pre-Hispanic Filipinos only had three vowels: “a,” “e/i” and “o/u.” Even today you may hear many Filipinos interchange “e” and “i,” and “o” and ‘u.”

Senior High School Voucher Program – Philippines – Thumbs Up!!!

Salute to Duterte’s Administration for providing this program to incoming Senior High School. Unbelievably easy to apply.

First time in my life I have seen this benefit from our government that is so easy to avail.


You just need to follow the instructions online and apply online and walah you will get the result in not more than a week.

I used to see people in que to avail similar program from the government like financial assistance, calamity assistance, student scholarship and there were no assurance of granting you the approval even to qualified candidates (for unknown reasons).


I hope this kind of assistance continues even Duterte is no longer our president.

Below is the link for Online Voucher Application Portal.


Detailed Guidelines on the applications for the voucher: