The sweet pain of missing you

I miss you…

I would say missing you is not a pleasurable feeling, but while thinking of the unique memories together it brings smiles on my face even I miss you a lot. The sweet pain of missing you is not easy, but we must accept the fact that we are not the only people existing in this world. We need to attend our responsibilities outside of our relationship.

We do both spend quality time as much as possible, we always try to make a good moment to cherish and it will surely bring smile on my face when I miss you.

Missing you is LOVE, whenever you are away things are different, but somehow feeling warm inside because we are emotionally connected.

I know there are so many reasons of missing someone in our lives. If we go deeper there is a science behind this feeling. It all comes down to emotions, which of course a very complex and unpredictable thing in life.

In my own perspective, we miss someone because we are longing to feel the pleasure, the love and the comfort that we are experiencing when that person is around. Then when apart, that is a “change” and we tend to fight that change and try to feel the same even that person is away.

Okay, enough lol – the fact is that, when we are serious to continue our life with that someone special we tend to miss him a lot specially when he is not around.

Good morning 😊

How to be You

“How to be you?” Few times I heard this question from some girls and I am flattered, of course, just this morning:

how to be u

Thank you so much for this comment, It gave me energy and idea to write today!

How to be someone is impossible that is for sure, one time a pretty lady said to me I wish I have your face, your hair, your skin your body hahaha what is this Marlou Arizala 🙂 “Goodbye Old Face” hehe

It is good to copy someone’s good behavior that will help us a lot. But cloning someone’s face and identity is something diverse. Everyone is unique, we have our own way of presenting ourselves, our own style of approaching others and different features are given to us by the creator. Practically enhance what we have and that for sure makes a big difference.

Let’s talk about enhancing our look if we want to look good and achieve something better we need to invest time, money and effort. There is no magic in maintaining our own beauty and to look good all the time. It requires time management, motivation and most especially we enjoy doing it. But not excessively do it! To look elegant doesn’t necessarily need a huge amount of money, there are many simple and cheaper ways to look and feel better. Be creative, research and don’t be fooled by commercialized products and services. Of course, since I prefer using all naturals and organic skincare products then I would like to suggest to please try to avoid chemicals as much as possible in feeding your skin.

Sometimes when we admire someone we are wishing to be in their place. But we are not aware of what exactly is going on in his/her life, we have no idea of their struggles, conflicts, heartache, problems, risk and many more. Just like “don’t judge the book by its cover” we judge by its cover, we do admire by its cover too until we get to know each page of the book and maybe surprisingly find out that our lives are far better and peaceful.

All are beautiful, all are pretty, all are sexy it’s just so happen not all are the same in demonstrating these qualities. Confidently carry yourself and boost your aura! No negative or any bad feeling in any of your part. Feel beautiful do not degrade yourself, be optimistic, and appreciate all the bits and pieces of your body as the greatest gift that you’ve got! So take good care of these gifts and enjoy.

Let’s feel good about ourselves all the time!


Emotionally Connected

Did you ever experience a time that you’ve just talked to someone and you already feel connected and comfortable? There is something between the two of you that is happening at that moment and you are enjoying every minute of it. Then you wonder, that was what?  I can say it is what we called “Emotional Connection”

I believe that emotional connection is one of the most important foundations of a lasting relationship. Everyone wants to feel loved by their partner. When we have emotionally connected everything goes naturally, no pretentions, no hesitations and no stress and no drama. Being emotionally connected, we build a foundation of trust and respect.

Maintaining this connection in a relationship will promote forgiveness, understanding, engagement, less emotional issues, and disruptions.

Emotional connection happens naturally, we cannot forge it or neither can’t we create it. If we fake it then everything in your relationship is fake! And will never last!

When you are emotionally connected with your partner then I must congratulate you, lucky to be one of the luckiest people in the world of relationship.

You are enjoying the benefits of being emotionally connected and truly loved by your partner. Here are few benefits that you will enjoy when you are truly emotionally connected with your partner:

Love making is going to be out of this world. Enjoying the simplest way of intimacy, such as holding hands deepens the romantic connection, one kiss and you feel like heaven.
You are valued and respected in any way

Having an amazing conversation together. How amazing it is to be able to share your life with someone and you are always in-tune whatever topic you are discussing together, from the craziest to the most serious thoughts.

When you have a deep emotional connection, it is so easy to communicate what you want and needs. You are not scared to argue together, instead, you are able to communicate clearly knowing that whatever the issue is, that both of you will understand and compromise.

Knowing that someone is always there for you no matter what is indeed the most wonderful feeling you could ever have.

When you truly emotionally connected with someone in an intimate relationship, your body releases the mood-enhancing hormone – (I forgot what is that hormone called 🙂 What I know is that this hormone enhances our sense of trust, optimism and triggers the part of our brain that forms that connection. Example it boosts good mood, orgasm etc
You have more fun together

Never stop talking – future, common interest, past experiences, goals – these strengthen the relationship.

Uhmm this seems to be heaven … so when you find that emotional connection try your best to keep it, maintain it “for life” 🙂

Thanks for dropping by.

Keep your Beauty and Career No Matter What

Good morning 🙂

I Had a good night last night, it was my only son’s birthday and we had an amazing dinner with the family. I just woke up, grab a cup of coffee and something came into my mind. My kids are grown up! Imagine my son, the youngest of my four children is now 14 years old. And suddenly flashed back into my mind all these years I’m raising my four children alone. I’ve asked myself, what if I did not continue my study when I’ve got pregnant with my eldest? What if I don’t have a career? What if I just stayed with my ex just because I cannot provide for my kids? These questions that made me understand the importance of career to a woman.

Ladies, never give up no matter what. Our parents sacrificed for us to finish our studies, dreamed about us to have a good career, a good life. Some women, when they got married they set aside their career, their personal development, their beauty and focus on their family. I’m not saying it is wrong, of course as a wife, a mother it is our “responsibility” however, I would like to emphasize that we have a responsibility to ourselves as well. Do not forget “YOU”, preserve something for you, and believe me you will need it for sure, it is called “Self-Preservation” please read my article about self-preservation here:

So, whatever happens, do not give up your beauty, do not give up your career. You never know what is waiting for you next, what is your future with your partner. Be strong, be mindful, and love yourself.

Have a great day ahead ladies 🙂


Love can’t be forced by your Power

I was once moved by your power

I had nowhere to go

Your power could reach anyone you want to

Even you’re powerful

Love can’t be forced by your Power


Needless to say, money can’t buy love

Love is pure and spontaneous

Not only powerful could be loved

The art of love is FREE

Love can’t be forced by your Power


Being powerful without love is inadequate  

Even though you’re powerful

Love can’t be forced to follow what you want

Change, you need to change

Set aside your power

Be real……

Love for real…

Love can’t be forced by your Power


Over Trust Dumped Me

13 years of life together

I gave all the best out of me

The kindness that I couldn’t even imagine I could give to anyone

The understanding that no one understands how I have it

Letting you do whatever makes you happy, happier, and happiest

I’ve set aside my own happiness

Because I loved you so much

I trusted you that much


You dumped me

Because I’ve trusted you so much

You became complacent

And didn’t care that much about me

Because I’ve trusted you so much

You took me for granted

Because I’m always there for you no matter what

Were you bored?

Because I’ve trusted you so much


You dumped me

Because you were not challenged by my kindness

Because I’ve trusted you so much

You acted freely

You found some excitement

That is no longer with me

Because I’ve trusted you so much

You dumped me

over trust dumped me



Take a turn to these bad habits

A successful relationship isn’t just about dreaming and escapades. A healthy partnership requires respect, love, and good habits from both people. So when you are with someone special keep the spark and watch your action. These are some bad habits that could hurt your relationship.

Allowing Jealousy to take over

Doubting your partner is a sign of relationship insecurity, it is a symptom of a big problem. There is a great risk for your health if you always feel insecure. One way to reduce envy is at least avoid social network sites like Facebook 🙂

Taking him or her for granted

Paying the right attention to that special someone will make the relationship stronger. Always remember why you like that special someone and why you like to keep the relationship going.


Forget the past, stop comparing, this could lead to unrealistic expectations.


Obviously, lies ruin a relationship. But sometimes “white lies” can add up the enjoyment. “Babes, dinner taste so good…even not that good” lol

Keeping Score

It is always been mentioned and heard that relationship is about “give and take” but don’t keep track of every detail. Like I did this last week why don’t you do it this time! It can cause unwanted tension.

Trying to change him or her

Nobody is perfect, so don’t expect that you can change your partner. What I mean are unrealistic changes. Reminding your partner to clean is one thing, but trying or pushing him to change behavior is another.

Fighting in Public

Arguing in public is embarrassing and make everyone around feel awkward. Find a private place to talk.

Not talking it out

If there is something, speak up at the right time, your partner can’t read your mind. Expressing emotions either positive or negative can benefit the relationship.

If I would put on the list all these bad habits that we normally and or unintentionally practice in our relationship I might end up in one thick book. lol

These bad habits could make a great relationship if we take a turn 🙂

Good morning