Gay Friends Rock

The other night I was with rocking gay friends, they do really rock! They rock my world for a while hahahaha. Until we realized it was so late and my son was with me! I went home bringing all the joy with me from our laughter, stories, teasing and eating of course.

Seriously, what I am saying is that gay men friend added value into our lives. When I am with them, laughter is nonstop! We all know that laughter is the best medicine, so when we are stress and feeling so down call them and let them ruin your world …este rock your world! Lol. Promise, your momentum will immediately shift into nonstop laughter and full of joy, as in LOL!

I would say gay men are the best. They have all the emotional ability of a woman, while having the same kind of power that we ladies are trying to succeed in relationship. They are like wonder woman, and I admire them all. I know they are not perfect and in reality no body is perfect. I just think that gay men make the best friends for any female. I love them as a friends because:

Less drama – yes, as I observed, they are very straight forward, they are no non sense, just get to the point.

They are clean – all gays that I know are clean. When it comes to hygiene it is non-negotiable.

They say like it is – they are going to tell you straight up what they want to say. Whether it’s a compliment or a critics.

They are not afraid to show their emotions.

Most especially, they like boys! Not to mention, we have fun talking about boys from beginning till the end. lol

They love to talk about relationship, and we have nothing to worry about being embarrassed, or out of place or being judged about anything we revealed.

They are the easiest person to talk because they doesn’t care even if you are disorder, they are just there to make you smile.

Having a gay friend is like having a best girlfriend; they are always up for anything and is always there to support you.

Don’t hide, be proud.

Good night 🙂


I Followed You

I followed you

I chased you

But not in the street

Neither behind you


I followed you online

I checked on you every minute, every day

WhatsApp on you?

Your update is the start of my day


I followed you

I keep on checking what’s on your mind

What are you doing?

Where are you?

Are you lonely, hungry, happy or away?

I want to know


I followed you

Any thoughts of you, makes my day complete

When nothing new

I’m incomplete

Tempted to message you to tell I am waiting for your post


I followed you

Because I like you

Your photos brings curiosity in me

Your views influenced me a lot

You are great

You are fascinating


I followed you

To thank you

For influencing my life

More positive

More happiness

More understanding


I followed you

And will follow you forever….

……………………I hope you don’t mind

……………………………………….I followed you.

🙂 xoxo



Our happiness is important as anyone else’s, I think we need to ensure that we set some limits on other’s demand.


Our whole life doesn’t have to take care or pleasing other people’s expectation or demand. Let’s not feel guilty or irresponsible if we refuse to do something for them or if we say no to them.


We have the right to disagree and we have the right to say no.

Preserve something for ourselves. Taking care of our self is entirely important nowadays, I am not saying be selfish and do not care for the others. Let’s just put our self-first in our own lives. Means we take care of our self so we can be there for everyone else. To be good to others we need to take care of our own needs first, which many of us forget it or let’s say not a priority.


Best example are mothers, being a mother is one of the most difficult role in this planet. Mother usually missed to take care of themselves, but in reality they need to preserve for themselves to be more beneficial, caring, loving and full of energy to support her kids and the whole family.


How can we care of others if we don’t care of our self first.


Self preservation is like when we go on an airplane, is putting on our air mask first, so we can the help those around us.

We are more valuable if we value our self first. We are more loving if we love our self first. 


My Husband is Getting Married!





She is now………….




Sorry my dear friend, my descriptions are over I know, if I’m hurting you by calling you this way, I don’t care! That is my intention, to hurt you! By doing this I’m hoping that you will wake up and realize that you need to be strong, stronger for your children. JUMP OUT soon before it’s too late! Remember the “Boiling Frog Syndrome” get out as soon as you can!

Posted by Loreli Perez on Sunday, February 26, 2017

Your husband is getting married, so be it. He is filing a divorce because that is the requirement to marry her pregnant girlfriend and he is not listening to you. You have no option I guess, take care of yourself, look after your children, demand for support and move on.

It’s time to go!

I’m so carried away here, I have no words to add…..I’m speechless, unbelievable scenario but it’s real. Let me stop from here and come back when I have further to say.

Whewww 🙂

A Minute is Enough

When you came in to my life I felt so happy. Overwhelming happiness that gives me hope that I will never be alone, No emptiness anymore. I liked you a lot …then eventually loved you. We both matured and we knew that only fools rush in and we tried not to, but it flows fast naturally by heart. Our emotions lead our way to fall in love so easily. I have no regrets, that very short period of time was one of the most amazing time in my life. Finally, I found someone same as cheeky as me.

I know there are a lot of things to consider and we thought we understand all well because we are matured enough and tired of all the games of life. We are not perfect as a human but we are perfect for each other, that’s what we feel when we are together. For now, I can say I can never find the same happiness from anyone. I do miss you a lot! I am not angry, I don’t have idea if you do. I annoyed you, and sorry for that. But you pushed me to do that.

Work load, time, attention when not possible is not an issue for me. But when you are away all I want to know is your safety. I was hurt when you are not replying to my messages, still I tried to be strong and understand your situation. However, when you replied, you are cold as ice (seems not the guy I know). You took care of me like I’m in heaven and suddenly you are very cold; a big adjustment that confused me a lot. It seems you are limiting me in taking care of you, all I want is to share my love with you.

Even you are busy it’s fine – 24hrs is yours, a minute of your sweet reply is more than enough for me to keep calm. Even if you are not interested to hear my reasons, It’s fine, I’m relieved in doing this.

Indeed I love you and I don’t want to lose you. I’ve never felt this way before, I’ve never reach out with any guy like this. If I am really wrong then IM SORRY.

Let’s say you wrote this letter, delivered and waiting for reply…days past, weeks past and no response what would you do next?


What is the Right Guy for You?

The other night when I was with my two beautiful clients and while doing their sessions we usually chat about love life, relationship, a normal girl’s talk. When suddenly one of them asked me “what is the right guy for you? I was suddenly speechless, grasping the answers to the question, why it’s difficult to answer this question (in my mind:) so of course being the eldest of that moment and they are my clients and followers, I should say something lol. I simply said, that when you are dating someone, you, your friends and family can identify if you are dating a right and a perfect guy for you. And your feeling can tell. But inside, I know my answers were incomplete so I just tried to avoid the topic and concentrate on doing their facials:) smart move hahaha

Tonight, I remembered that question and I’m in the mood to write and express what I think is the right guy for me, well it is really difficult to find a “right guy” to settle down with. And friends and families are sometimes checking to see your progress, don’t crash under pressure. It is a commitment and it is for lifetime if ever so better wait for the right person to come into your life. I can share some points or some signs that will reveal if you are with the right guy, these are:

He appreciate you always and have patience with your flaws

The guy who would rather hear your thoughts before making any decisions

He shouldn’t make you an option, he puts you first when it is important

He respect and honour the people and things that are important to you

He can make you smile even when things are seems to be falling apart

He is loyal and faithful. Go for a guy who wants you and only you, for the foreseeable future.

Each one of us have different perspective when it comes to finding a partner, these are just my personal let’s say “list” or “guidance” to at least know if the guy is right for me or not.

Then don’t rush things, take it slow until you meet the right person for you.

You may also like to read and connect with my previous blog “AM I WITH THE RIGHT PERSON”

Cheers xoxo

Emotionally Connected “For Life”

Did you ever experience a time that you’ve just talked to someone and you already feel connected and comfortable? There is something between the two of you that is happening in that moment and you are enjoying every minute of it. Then you wonder, that was what?  I can say it is what we called “Emotional Connection”

I believe that emotional connection is one of the most important foundation of a lasting relationship. Everyone wants to feel loved by their partner. When we are emotionally connected everything goes naturally, no pretentions, no hesitations and no stress and no drama. Being emotionally connected, we build a foundation of trust and respect.

Maintaining this connection in a relationship will promote forgiveness, understanding, engagement, less emotional issues and disruptions.

Emotional connection happens naturally, we cannot forge it or neither can’t we create it. If we fake it then everything in your relation is fake! And will never last!

When you are emotionally connected with your partner then I must congratulate you, lucky to be one of the luckiest people in the world of relationship.

You are enjoying the benefits of being emotionally connected and truly loved by your partner. Here are few benefits that you will enjoy when you are truly emotionally connected with your partner:

  • Love making is going to be out of this world. Enjoying the simplest way of intimacy, such as holding hands deepens the romantic connection, one kiss and you feel like heaven.
  • You are valued and respected in any way
  • Having an amazing conversation together. How amazing it is to be able to share your life with someone and you are always in-tune whatever topic you are discussing together, from the craziest to the most serious thoughts.
  • When you have a deep emotional connection, it is so easy to communicate what you wants and needs. You are not scared to argue together, instead you are able to communicate clearly knowing that whatever the issue is, that both of you will understand and compromise.
  • Knowing that someone is always there for you no matter what is indeed the most wonderful feeling you could ever have.
  • When you truly emotionally connected with someone in an intimate relationship, your body release the mood enhancing hormone – (I forgot what is that hormone called 🙂 What I know is that this hormone enhance our sense of trust, optimism and triggers the part of our brain that forms that connection. Example it boost good mood, orgasm etc
  • You have more fun together
  • Never stop talking – future, common interest, past experiences, goals – these strengthen relationship.

Uhmm this seems to be heaven … so when you find that emotional connection try your best to keep it, maintain it “for life” 🙂

Thanks for dropping by.