Keep your Beauty and Career No Matter What

Good morning 🙂

I Had a good night last night, it was my only son’s birthday and we had an amazing dinner with the family. I just woke up, grab a cup of coffee and something came into my mind. My kids are grown up! Imagine my son, the youngest of my four children is now 14 years old. And suddenly flashed back into my mind all these years I’m raising my four children alone. I’ve asked myself, what if I did not continue my study when I’ve got pregnant with my eldest? What if I don’t have a career? What if I just stayed with my ex just because I cannot provide for my kids? These questions that made me understand the importance of career to a woman.

Ladies, never give up no matter what. Our parents sacrificed for us to finish our studies, dreamed about us to have a good career, a good life. Some women, when they got married they set aside their career, their personal development, their beauty and focus on their family. I’m not saying it is wrong, of course as a wife, a mother it is our “responsibility” however, I would like to emphasize that we have a responsibility to ourselves as well. Do not forget “YOU”, preserve something for you, and believe me you will need it for sure, it is called “Self-Preservation” please read my article about self-preservation here:

So, whatever happens, do not give up your beauty, do not give up your career. You never know what is waiting for you next, what is your future with your partner. Be strong, be mindful, and love yourself.

Have a great day ahead ladies 🙂


My Short Hair

When I cut several inches of my hair last year, I was feeling self-conscious about my new hairdo. “I have a 50/50 feeling that it doesn’t suit my face. I look like a guy and they will think I’m a boy:)

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But I’ve found out there are lots of guys who’ve been into short haired chicks! When I’ve changed my profile photos on LinkedIn & Facebook I’ve got a lot of compliments and more fan and followers online. Surprisingly, guys like my new look:). So fear not to shorthaired! I actually maintained it for almost a year now and I’m loving it.

There are guys melting with short haired but there are more into traditional long haired girls. So it is actually depending on the guy’s preferences, I am not saying all of them likes it but in my experience mostly they like my short hair. They said it suits my personality very well.

Few reasons I’ve gathered from my inbox are:

It shows confidence – that I had that courage to cut my hair short. Honestly, the pixie cut is frightening and traumatic experience, but I just felt doing it for a change. And when I’m getting positive feedback I became more confident with it.

I’m different – then I stand out when grouped with ladies – all of them have similarities-long straight or curly while I’m Pixie!

Its New look – a big change to my appearance; I look younger. It’s like reinventing myself – and reinvention is sexy.

It emphasizes my beautiful features – face, eyes, hairline, neck and any stuff attached to it. “That having a short hair, you definitely has a gorgeous face and must be really pretty” 🙂

From the feedback, I would say I will keep my hair short but I would maybe change style from time to time.

Have you ever tried short hair? Have you ever wanted to but been too afraid?

Goodnight xoxo


Goodnight xoxo


My Husband is Getting Married!





She is now………….




Sorry, my dear friend, my descriptions are over I know, if I’m hurting you by calling you this way, I don’t care! That is my intention, to hurt you! By doing this I’m hoping that you will wake up and realize that you need to be strong, stronger for your children. JUMP OUT soon before it’s too late! Remember the “Boiling Frog Syndrome” get out as soon as you can!

Posted by Loreli Perez on Sunday, February 26, 2017

Your husband is getting married, so be it. He is filing a divorce because that is the requirement to marry her pregnant girlfriend and he is not listening to you. You have no option I guess, take care of yourself, look after your children, demand support and move on.

It’s time to go!

I’m so carried away here, I have no words to add…..I’m speechless, unbelievable scenario but it’s real. Let me stop from here and come back when I have further to say.

Whewww 🙂

Patiently Waiting – A true story

We all know that relationship is not all about happiness, normally relationship starts really good and mostly turns out bad. There are so many aspects that we need to consider to make the relationship work. Like a plant, we need to take care, cultivate and pay attention to grow healthier and fruitful. In this story, that inspires me to write and share with you guys is how this couple successfully handled this issue and start a new better chapter of their relationship. Love really matter, as long as the love is within and I believe no matter what, still there is a chance to recover from mistakes. As I am always saying, the choice is our only weapon to be happy, it’s a matter of choice and it is within our control and it is free! In combining the love with the wise decision will make your life happier and someway elude regrets.

Here is the summary of the story.

Sherlyn (not her real name) fell in love with Ekim (not his real name) during the time Sherlyn was broken hearted and Ekim was there to comfort her, they are colleagues. There was a connection, a mutual feeling and communication continuous, few months later they are together, fell in love with each other and inseparable. Decided to live together, a year pass by and still their relationship is ok. Sherlyn showed so much love to Ekim, unconditional love. That makes Ekim so relax and confident in their relationship. Ekim became complacent, satisfied of the normal daily routine of their lives. No more extra attention, no more extra care, in short he is totally satisfied. “She is home, she is mine and she loves me so much, so she will not leave me”. However, Sherlyn was so unhappy and hurt “why he changed?” She is looking for attention, love, care that she was getting from Ekim in the initial stage of their relationship, now it’s gone. Confused, trying to find an answer, to the point of getting help from alcohol to forget and relieve from the pain. She seems no direction, but still her heart is shouting “I still love him” but I desperately need to escape from this pain! Despite of everything, Sherlyn is patiently waiting, never even think of leaving Ekim, she never lose hope that one day Ekim will value her presence again. One day, Sherlyn has made one big decision, she tried to get some comfort from another guy.

For Ekim, he thinks that losing Sherlyn is not a big deal, that he can live without her.

When Ekim found out about the other guy and scrolled down on Sherlyn’s Facebook posts, he found himself crying, suddenly realized all his mistakes, his selfishness and finding her with another guy hurt him so much. “I love her” and “I don’t’ want to lose her”. Sherlyn is dating but still, Ekim is the love of her life. The love is still within the two of them, the relationship revived. Ekim changed and Sherlyn is so happy.

In my point of view:

Love is really magical when we are in love OMG its heaven. All the things around us are beautiful, everything makes us smile. To fall in love is easy but to maintain that love in a relationship is hard, that is why there is failure in a relationship, it’s not the love to blame mostly it’s the action. In this story, there are so many lessons we can learn, and I would like to thank my friend in sharing this story with us.

That relationship needs time, attention, care, respect in order to fonder. Without these, the relationship will not survive. Also, when only one person is doing the part, the one-sided relationship is tiring.

Communication is always the key, If maybe Sherlyn spoke to Ekim and bravely express what she feels and what she really wants, maybe that would work (but I’m not sure if Sherlyn did this) anyway, sometimes people are only realizing mistakes when they are hurt. So Ekim was hurt and having a third party makes him realized Sherlyn’s importance in his life! So I can say Sherlyn’s decision to date someone was effective! It catches Ekim’s attention!

That we don’t realize the value of someone until there is a threat of losing that someone. So in Sherlyn’s case, she opened Ekim’s eyes that there is happiness even without him – and this is the threat! Somehow, a love triangle is a good spice in a relationship to test how strong the love is.

That keeping the faith with the right action will give a very satisfying result.

I will stop here and I hope you guys can share something to value about this story.



The Furniture Wife

Have you ever experienced talking to your husband and it seems you are talking to a wind? No response, no attention, not even a look. A friend of mine is in this f… hell situation, she was even threatened to divorce for so many times and not giving her cash to spend with. He is not staying home but rather stayed with another girl regularly and just come home to see their kids. When she is talking to him he is always angry and irritated to the point of shouting at her. She just gave birth to their second baby and I don’t think this kind of situation is healthy for her. She needs to have a break and get out of this daily unwanted scenario, who knows if this will lead her to postnatal depression.

Postnatal or PPD – Postpartum depression is a type of mood disorder associated with childbirth. Symptoms may include extreme sadness, low energy, anxiety, changes in sleeping or eating patterns, crying episodes, and irritability.

I called her a furniture wife because it is so obvious that her husband is not ready to lose her. He is just threatening her to leave her since she is not capable of bringing up the kids. She is not financially capable, no work, no career. Her career is her husband, a career that let her suffer every minute of her life and gives her pain running through all cells of her body. She is like a furniture that is standing inside the house with no voice, no rights and no choice but should be ready whenever he wants to use her.

If there is no respect definitely love is not present at all, so why stay!!! Get out of the situation with caution. This time kids are involved and the majority of decisions will always be for the sake of the kids. Only RESPECT for herself will be the best weapon to use to move on. Sometimes people are not respecting us because we ourselves don’t. She needs to be strong for her kids, kaliwali the husband! Live for your children. Start to make a way of getting out of that hell. Only her and no one else can do that for her.

So ladies, please do take care of yourself, your health your beauty and build a career! We never know when this similar situation will strike us at least we are ready and we can stand alone without him. Huwgot !!! lol

Cheers 🙂


I don’t wanna be your friend anymore!

Getting out of friend zone is risky! If you are already fed up with being his best friend and feel like you want to express your true feelings for him then you have to be willing to take the risk. Chances are if you do this and it doesn’t work out that you are going to endure the friendship that you have with him. There are few success stories out there, who jumped from friendship to relationship. Just understand the risk.

If you are really decided and ready for this before you reveal your true feelings try to do these few tips that will let him feel the introduction of your feelings.

Slowly switch your action from friendship to sexual interest, create a sexual tension have him start seeing you as a sexual being. Friendship + sexual attraction creates an amazing relationship. Ignite his masculine energy, find him sexy, flirt a little, let him know something that you like about him, like saying I like you when you smile or it’s a good thing that we are only friend because that polo on you is so sexy right now. This will definitely strike his masculine energy and also a sight that you are a sexual being that you have sexual energy as well. Open him up from the things he didn’t see you before, things that are unknown to him that you are capable of doing.

Create a mystery, treat him like a real best friend but this time set some limits. If you used to hug or kissed when meeting up or watching a movie alone in your room you can say “I am reserving this kind of moment for my boyfriend privilege” but make it fun and casual conversation.

Ready! Ok then this is it, uncontrolled! Really you need to say it! Willing to take the risk! You don’t care how he is going to take your revelation but you are ready, so how you will start the conversation. Wait for the right timing, right place and the right mood. Start with a very casual tone and slowly drag the conversation a little bit serious then start with saying “hey, there is something in my mind recently and really bothers me and I would love to share it with you; honestly it is awkward but I prefer to be honest with you” then for sure you got his full attention. “I really enjoyed our friendship but lately I have noticed this other part of me that feels an attraction for you, not a friend but I am beginning to like you”. Silence 🙂 “ It seems complicated but honestly I am not sure what to do … deliver it simple but precise. Then end it by asking him “what do you think?” Wait for his answer, risk is here, he might say I have the same feeling for you then wallah congratulation!!! lol or he might say I really look at you as a friend, then just simply reply ok no big deal at least I am clear with this:)

This is in relation to my previous post Love me please or Leave you please.

Cheers 🙂


Love me please or Leave you please

As requested, you know who you are 🙂

I am loving a guy for more than four years now. We are very close friends and I can say we both have a mutual feeling and understanding. Until he got married and it was arranged, it hurt but still our communication is continuous and we even chat regularly. I love him but he is married and if ever I am just an option but I think I am ready to be.

You are in a very tricky situation. Loving someone who is not available is very challenging and risky. In your case, I can see that you are ready to face the challenges because you love him but believe me this is not easy. The more you love him the more it will become complicated and risky. Try to divert your attention, slowly lessen the communication, try to live a day without him.

I know you will say “I cannot do that” well you need to be emotionally prepared.

Your mind has been set and ready for “come what may” but when the conflicts arise it will need both your mind and emotion in a very good state to rescue you.

Your intense feeling is high because there is a challenge, a competition between you and the wife. You want to validate if he likes you before he got married and does keeping you as a friend means something else to him? Only you can answer that, but for me, a guy like him will not waste his time, effort and telephone bill if he doesn’t feel the same way as you feel. I think both of you like each other, only that who will have the courage to make a move to define the relationship and get out of the friend zone. Who will burst first to ask “what are we?” and I hope it’s not you hahaha always remember “control is power!”

Two things you need to consider this time first forget about him because he is no longer available.

Second is follow what you feel, continue what you have with him until the relationship defined and be ready for all the consequences of your choice. Whatever you choose it is you and only you can drive your love life; think well and always love yourself first. Good luck and keep me posted.


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