I’m pretty but still single

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I have few girlfriends around looks so pretty but still single. It is so intriguing a pretty woman is still single or remain single for a long time. And there are some women who look so simple, silent,  not that pretty and not even sexy but fully occupied.

What goes wrong here? For my girlfriends who are in this situation, I will try my very best to enumerate some tips that I hope can help you 🙂

A common concern of a single woman is how to be attractive and noticed by a guy. One thing complicated is how to keep the guy’s interest after catching them. Every single lady wants to know how to flirt, get noticed, seduced and be attractive, it is so challenging to succeed in love.

Here are some tips and behavior that can help you increase attraction:

  • Always keep fresh and…

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I Followed You

Pinay Power

I followed you

I chased you

But not in the street

Neither behind you

I followed you online

I checked on you every minute, every day

WhatsApp on you?

Your update is the start of my day

I followed you

I keep on checking what’s on your mind

What are you doing?

Where are you?

Are you lonely, hungry, happy or away?

I want to know

I followed you

Any thoughts of you make my day complete

When nothing new

I’m incomplete

Tempted to message you to tell I am waiting for your post

I followed you

Because I like you

Your photos bring curiosity in me

Your views influenced me a lot

You are great

You are fascinating

I followed you

To thank you

For influencing my life

More positive

More happiness

More understanding

I followed you

And will follow you forever….

……………………I hope you don’t mind

……………………………………….I followed…

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Where have you been all my life?

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Photo by Bernadette Rodriguez


I was in the mental hospital! Hahahaha

Kidding aside, this is a question when we feel like asking when we’ve met someone who we think is perfectly right for us but not at the right time. We connect instantly, found him/her amazing, can’t stop smiling, enjoying every moment, there is a spark! They make us feel alive and suddenly everything around us are beautiful and all the love songs start to make sense.

Is there really a timing for the right person? How timing is everything when it comes to a relationship? And definitely we are wishing that if we found that right person, the timing won’t matter because we want to be happy – so in spite of all consequences, we will find a way to make it happen.

But it doesn’t always work the way we want it to be. Many things are…

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Our happiness is important as anyone else’s, I think we need to ensure that we set some limits on other’s demand.

Our whole life doesn’t have to take care or pleasing other people’s expectation or demand. Let’s not feel guilty or irresponsible if we refuse to do something for them or if we say no to them.

We have the right to disagree and we have the right to say no.

Preserve something for ourselves. Taking care of our self is entirely important nowadays, I am not saying be selfish and do not care for the others. Let’s just put our self-first in our own lives. Means we take care of our self so we can be there for everyone else. To be good to others we need to take care of our own needs first, which many of us forget it or let’s say not a priority.

The best…

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It’s not easy

Pinay Power

It is not easy to be alone, neither be a single

It is not easy to be with someone, neither to be married

It is not easy to say no and even sometimes to say yes

It is not easy to lead our lives to where we want it to be

It is not easy to maintain the intensity of love though it is easy to fall in love

Life is not easy, in any aspects …but we can do something about it.

Approaching things in a positive way is a good habit, it will make our lives easier and manageable. Our daily lives are full of challenges, better to have few hours of break from the daily dose of toxins that we encounter every day. If we are lucky to have someone with us to spend few hours of the day to unwind, to talk, to chat, to laugh…

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A Life without Regrets

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Just finished chatting with my long lost friend. She is 58 and still looking so young at her age. After a long chat with her, I realized so many things that she is regretting in life. Certainly, from her observations, these regrets are most likely the regrets of dying or old people.

I wish I spent most of my time with my family and not at work

I wish I live the life that I wanted, not the life others expected of me

I wish that I let myself happier

I wish I’ve expressed my feelings

While reading all these sentiments my mind is blowing and looking back on my past years; I’ve never thought of all these regretful feelings will arise when we aged. I just realized that when we get old chances are to have these regrets. Sometimes, listening to others stories will help us open our mind…

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Same Same No More

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To my followers who are requesting me to continue writing, I am so sorry I was so busy lately and I never had a good moment to write something. Today is off and while waiting for our movers to shift our things to a new place something came to my mind. It’s not just because I thought of it but I can feel it, through the years and based on the experiences I can say:

We aged! We changed!

People change…

Situation pushes us to change…

Emotions drive us to change…

Forever together is possible but consistency is not; changes happen over time. The level of intensity is fluctuating like a stock market. Either the change is good or bad surely people change.

We cannot expect that when we left someone and come back after some time still that person is the same. There are so many aspects that will…

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