Love can’t be forced by your Power

I was once moved by your power

I had nowhere to go

Your power could reach anyone you want to

Even you’re powerful

Love can’t be forced by your Power


Needless to say, money can’t buy love

Love is pure and spontaneous

Not only powerful could be loved

The art of love is FREE

Love can’t be forced by your Power


Being powerful without love is inadequate  

Even though you’re powerful

Love can’t be forced to follow what you want

Change, you need to change

Set aside your power

Be real……

Love for real…

Love can’t be forced by your Power


Only I can say

Your first step brings so much joy to me

This is the first sign that you can do things by your own

I am happy and also scared when you start to walk

What if you fall, what if you cry

Only I can say it’s part of your GROWING


When you first entered the school

I am so worried you will not like it

What if you fail, what if you cry

Only I can say it’s part of your FOUNDATION


When you succeed to enter college

I am so proud and grateful

I am frightened of who is around you

What if there is pressure, what if there is stress

Only I can say it’s for your FUTURE


When you finally became an adult

I am so blessed you grew up a good person

I am scared what life will bring in you

What if there is too much risk, what if you are depressed

Only I can say it’s part of LIFE


When you settle down

I am so happy you made it perfect

I am not scared anymore

You grew up strong


Now that I am old

I love looking at you

I am not scared when I am no longer with you

Only I can say I gave you EVERYTHING that I could

I LOVE YOU, my child.

only I can say


When I’m with YOU

I have the most powerful arms

I have the most positive vibes

I can define the unconditional love

I understand the true meaning of happiness

When I’m with you


Doing things together is the most wonderful experience in my life

When you stare at me

I would like to shout that I’m the luckiest person in this world

When you touch me

I can feel the waves through my body

Spreading the love all over my veins

When I’m with you


It’s late and time to go

We need to part our ways

Temporarily away with each other

The feeling is not the same

When I’m with you


I need you

We need to be together

I feel so blessed

I’m complete, I’m confident

When I’m with you


Goodnight for now

I can’t wait to see the morning

The sunshine is my new hope

To be with you again

when Im with you.JPG


Over Trust Dumped Me

13 years of life together

I gave all the best out of me

The kindness that I couldn’t even imagine I could give to anyone

The understanding that no one understands how I have it

Letting you do whatever makes you happy, happier, and happiest

I’ve set aside my own happiness

Because I loved you so much

I trusted you that much


You dumped me

Because I’ve trusted you so much

You became complacent

And didn’t care that much about me

Because I’ve trusted you so much

You took me for granted

Because I’m always there for you no matter what

Were you bored?

Because I’ve trusted you so much


You dumped me

Because you were not challenged by my kindness

Because I’ve trusted you so much

You acted freely

You found some excitement

That is no longer with me

Because I’ve trusted you so much

You dumped me

over trust dumped me



After 6 months of using Onion Shampoo Bar

Today, I’ve received a message from my regular customer of Onion Shampoo Bar. I’m so happy and thankful that she is willing to share the result with me and to the extent of allowing me to post it; wherein not all customers are agreeable to do that. It is true that when we use one product it takes time to see the result, it needs patience and consistency. Her husband is using my own formulated homemade Onion Shampoo Bar for about six months now, and here is the result:

Sandhya Husband onion shampoo

Please note that Hair Restoration Program results will always vary for individuals, depend on the individual’s physical condition, lifestyle, and diet. Testimonials and results contained within may not be an implication of future results. Always consult your dermatologist before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, hair improvement or hair program. These statements have not been evaluated by the Hair and Dermatology Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information in this website is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

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I’m scared to look back

This feeling that something is wrong

What was there?

What I had with you before

I’m starving for you

I’m craving of you

I’m scared to look back

I tried not to recall

It keeps coming back, the memories of the past

I’m scared to look back


The memories that I thought are no longer exist

But it keeps coming back

I’m scared to look back

I need you somehow

I need you now

I need to be with you

Now I’m trying to recall what we shared together

I’m scared to look back


I wish I could remember the feeling that I had with you before

The happiness that I enjoyed

But I can’t recall

I’m scared to look back


It is strange

I’m longing for something that I must have a long time ago

How I was when I’m with you

Does love existed

Did you care for me?

I want to recall  

I’m scared to look back


App for Depression

There are times in our lives that we feel so lonely, so empty and sometimes we are not aware that we are already suffering from depression. There are so many ways to do to overcome loneliness, most common is trying to escape to the reality, so they try to divert their attention into different activities like traveling, shopping, watching movies, meeting people and many more.

I would like to share one app on our phone and they claim to help us overcome depression.

It is called Secret of Happiness.

Sometimes, our brains need help to break the daily destructive cycle. This app is designed to give you a regular schedule of positive thinking as a way to train your brain to think more on the bright side.

It is a 30-day challenge and discovers the secret of happiness. All you need to do is to think positive and enter it into the app right after you get up in the morning and just before you hit the bed in the night. Repeating it for 30 days will train your brain to think positively and your subconscious mind will remain happy.

It is good that the app asks for a 30-day commitment – enough time to develop a new habit.

Stay happy 🙂